The Truth Folder

The Karaite Jewish Doctrine


  • Truth is what corresponds with reality.

  • The Tanakh is true.

  • Jehovah is the true God. (Isaiah 42:8)

  • Free will comes from your consciousness which is your spirit.

  • The past and future are only perceptions in the present.

  • Humans were created by God 6130 years ago inside of an underwater terrarium. (Genesis 1:1-10,27; 5:1-32)

  • Increasing entropy is evidence of God.


  • Sin is disobedience to God.

  • God's intent is to create and live in a utopia with obedient humans forever.

  • Life is a vetting process to vet the obedient people from the disobedient people to God.

  • Humans weren't made for survival but to live in happiness with God because they were created with emotions.

  • Eternal life is granted to people whose intent is to keep the Torah.

  • Your objective purpose is to follow the Torah with a utilitarian approach to obtain eternal life with as little suffering as possible.

  • Value is dictated by how much someone obeys God's law.


  • The Jesuit Order (Miliary Order of the Gnostic Catholic Church) controls the world through Freemasonry.

  • Freemasonry is a world-wide secret society that indoctrinates people into Gnosticism.

  • The Jews are being framed by the Jesuits because they know the truth.

  • The Jesuits created the Big Bang Theory, Heliocentric Model, and Evolution Theory to hide the evidence of creation.

  • The Gnostic intent create a utopia without God.


  • The Tanakh does not declare the Talmud as authoritative.

  • Christianity is a Roman deception to subvert nations by pacifying them.

  • Jesus didn't fulfill any of the messianic prophecies in the Tanakh.

  • Women are cursed to be impulsive and attracted to male superiority. (Genesis 3:16)

  • Arabs are cursed to be hostile toward everyone. (Genesis 16:11-12)

  • Blacks are cursed to be unintelligent. (Genesis 9:18-27)

  • Intelligence can grant power.


  • Baseless insults are projections.

  • Projections and unwarranted persuasions are deflections.

  • Belief repression causes pressure and laughter is a release of pressure.

  • Gender Dysphoria is dissociative identity disorder.


  • Arguments give you a chance to find the truth.

  • Every action is a manifestation of your beliefs.

  • Believed truths decrease overall suffering and death; Believed lies increase overall suffering and death.

  • Suffering causes a change of mind.


  • Unnatural Behavior is a value exaggeration to recieve superior treatment.

  • Value exaggerations come from believed value inherence or displacement.

  • Value exaggerating distracts you from the other person's reactions.

  • The two types of value exaggerations are self-modifications and paradigm shifts.

  • Self-modification causes self-devaluation and paradigm shifting causes value displacement.

  • Lust is validation seeking which comes from a feeling of rejection.


  • Physical attractiveness is based off of how much men and women look like Adam and Eve.

  • Love comes from how much you believe a person can help you achieve your goal; Hatred comes from how much you believe a person can prevent you from achieving your goal.

  • A man's role is to achieve his goal and reward a woman with his same goal for helping him with sex; A woman's role is to help a man with her same goal achieve his goal for sex.

  • The higher the level of love and attraction you have to the other person, the higher the orgasm intensity will be.